VII Conil Tapas Route

Conil de la Frontera hosts this October, 2019 the VII Conil Tapas Route, which is celebrated between the 4th and the 13th of this month.

Organized by the Association of Entrepreneurs of Conil, it has a total of 57 participating establishments, among which is Bocinegro Tabanco Marino (c / Carretera, 32).

People who want to participate can do so with the cover, where they can value the tapas of the different establishments and get the stamps with which to qualify for the prizes.

The cover can be obtained in any of the premises of the route, which will be divided into six zones by colors. You have to seal less one in each of them.

Bocinegro Tabanco Marino is in the red zone. The dish with which we participate in the VII Route of the Tail of Conil is the cover of Chipirón with Red Oak Wine with Crispy Wild Rice.

The Association of Entrepreneurs of Conil will raffle a trip for two people to Tenerife, valued at 700 euros, as well as deliver a secure prize, for which 18 stamps must be completed, three per zone, without repeating any of them.

On October 24, at 12 noon, the name of the winning cover will be announced on Radio Conil, after a raffle.

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