Welcome to the Bocinegro experience

Bocinegro is the first marine tabanco. Since its opening on July 1, 2018, the idea has been to transfer the concept of the tabanco to the world of the sea.
Thus, instead of encountering unprocessed wines in their barrels, as is the case with tabancos, what Bocinegro Tabanco Marino’s customers find is pure fish, exposed raw in a large display case. Its first that visitors see when they arrive at the restaurant.
But Bocinegro is much more than a restaurant, as it is also a point of sale for cooked seafood, canned and semi-preserved by Muñoz Fish.

What we offer?

Our specialty is fish and shellfish, authentic protagonists of our menu. We are committed to a creative cuisine where the fish of the area, such as bocinegro and tuna, have a special role.

Our kitchen team is led by Rocío Fernández Moreno. Natalia Pretti is responsible for the room. A team to offer you the best dining experience.

Do you want to organize a lunch or dinner for groups? We have a room reserved for special events and business meals. Check conditions to live a unique gastronomic experience.

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